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In four days it will have been a month since the surgery. I can’t believe it. I’m very satisfied with my results! Especially when I compare how my nose used to look VS how it does now. I’ll post update pictures on the 8th, just showing you how it may have changed over over the course of a few weeks. My stitches are completely dissolved now. My breathing is awesome. And the tip area of my nose is still rather numb, but thats to be expected with such an invasive surgery.  

Oh, and weird fact: The week following my surgery, I had this irrational fear that my nose would go back to how it used to be in my sleep. It was absolutely bizarre. I’d even have dreams of accidentally bumping my nose, and it just completely reverting back to it’s original shape, so I got a little paranoid.  

Its all good now, but I wonder if anyone else who has had rhinoplasty has experienced this. The human mind can be quite strange. 

I can’t believe it’s been over a week since I got my cast off! Man, time flies. I’m also pretty excited about what the final look of my nose will be once all the swelling around the tip of my nose goes down. Oh, and another strange thing I’ve noticed is that throughout this entire process, the left side of my face has had it the worst; it’s had the most bruising and swelling, making me look a little lopsided, haha. It’s okay though, it goes down. 


Anonymous asked:

Hi beauty! I'm planing to have a nose job but honestly I don't know how to tell people and how they're going to react :( it kind of depress me bc I really want to do it but u know, what if the judge you? Btw, I want mine to be like yours :)


Oh thank you sweetie :)

To be honest, I was really scared of doing the surgery because of what friends and people might say, especially in college. I only told my friends, and I know some of them thinks it’s a waste of money. But I wasn’t going to cancel the surgery because they “don’t like it”, that is just as bad as being pressured to do surgery. 

I decided to do it in the end because I realized how I feel about myself matters more than their opinions about me. I know it’s hard, because people judge you when you make a procedure like that. But you know what, who are they to have opinions about something that doesn’t affect them in any way? About something that makes you happy?

Remember it’s your life, what ever you decide to do, do it for yourself! 

My top lip area is still weirdly numb and kinda swollen yet, which makes it makes it difficult to smile big. Which is a bit of a shame ‘cause I feel like smiling. :-) Oh well. I hope you’re all doing great, I’m thinking of adding an FAQ page so feel free to send in your questions and I’ll do my best to answer them all.

Feeling pretty stellar today. Wearin’ shorts and a brand new Pink Floyd shirt, along with my rad chakra stone necklace. All I really need to do is clean my nose with the ointment enough for the stitches to dissolve, which will hopefully only take a week. I’m going to be hanging out with my friends tomorrow for the first time in a looong time. We’re going to the beach, so I’ll need to have a baseball cap and a whole lotta sunscreen for my face. A sunburnt nose would be the ultimate bitch in the recovery process, so I definitely don’t want that.

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